Red tail, gray body, black beak.
Whistles, makes sounds, not a big talker.
Shy to touching and handling from strangers, but may approach people or go to the ground if tired or hungry.

During my first few months living in Texas, I started noticing flyers stapled to trees and sign posts throughout my neighborhood, declaring a lost pet parrot named Lily. The first flyer of Lily I found was torn and the ink had bled so much that she appeared to be bright green with swirls of red and yellow. I waited a few weeks to give Lily a chance to be found, but as time passed, the flyers became more and more ubiquitous, permeating Hyde Park and oozing beyond the neighborhood’s limits. I concluded that Lily was beyond the help of these flyers, and collected them with a false nonchalance. Depending on the degree of weather intervention, the Lilys blur from documentation into abstraction, mimicking her many possible realities.

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